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Part Number:70930 Manufacturer: PADI


PADI Boat Diving Specialty DVD to help you follow PADI divers as they experience the fun and advantages of diving from a boat. IN the PADI Boat Diver Specialty Course, you'll acquire the skills and knowledge to maximize your fun and adventure while boat diving. And you'll learn everything from the basic rules of the road to boat diving procedures and etiquette.

PADI DVD's are the ideal companion to the PADI training manuals for a variety of PADI Dive Courses. Use one of the PADI Training Course DVDs to help you prepare for your PADI course. Used with the appropriate manual they will help you gain a better understanding of the elements of the courses and the adventures to be enjoyed.


  • PADI Boat Diving DVD: DVD/Video Study Aid for PADI Boat Diving Specialty Course
  • Can be used in conjunction with the appropriate PADI Specialty Course manual.

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