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Padi Divers Log Book

After filling up all the logbook pages in the Training Log received during Open Water, a diver can move on to this logbook.
This newly-revised product is printed on non-smear, recycled paper. Each logbook includes an area for emergency contact information and enough pages to log sixty dives.

Always make sure to log your dives. This has two advantages. Firstly, you have proof of your regular diving activities and your dive experience, which is important for continuing education courses. Secondly, your logbook keeps your most precious dive memories safe for years to come.

Wherever you go diving you need to have proof of diving experience. Without it, you can be left behind on more experienced dives when you are qualified to make them. Make sure you log all your dives and carry your logbook when on a diving vacation. The standard PADI paper backed logbook, Blue Option includes training records in front.

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