Lets Go Diving


Get Your Company or Students Scuba Diving with the Ocean Enterprises Be a Diver Corporate & School Dive Program! Explore The World Of Scuba Diving With San Diego's #1 Dive Team! It's time to motivate your colleagues/students, friends, and family to try Scuba Diving! Ocean Enterprises makes it easy with our Be a Diver Company & School Scuba Diving Program! Participating Companies and Schools can schedule special Be A Diver Pool Sessions for employees or students where we provide the instructors and all equipment and they get to see what it's like to breathe underwater! Employees and students as well as their families and friends also receive:

$50 OFF Scuba Certification Courses & 10% OFF Gear at Ocean Enterprises!

Ocean Enterprises will even help you start a Scuba Diving Club at your company or school and help organize fun events, gear demo days, and excursions!

As an Added Bonus: Get Your Company or School Involved and You Get a $50 Store Credit! Email our Marketing Department for more info!

The Fun Starts Here!

  • Escape to a different world with new colors, shapes, textures and creatures.
  • Explore new places from historic shipwrecks and pristine reefs to the mysteries of your local dive sites.
  • Experience a connection with nature; a feeling of freedom, and a transformation.

Attention Human Resources Managers:

In today's changing workplace, benefits are shrinking, costs are skyrocketing, and your time to manage programs is disappearing. Maybe it's time to go where you've never gone before...the water.

How diving can benefit employees

  • Great Savings Get $50 off all classes at Ocean Enterprises and 10% off merchandise.
  • Fun It's a new and exciting activity that's quite literally, "refreshing!" Employees can dive with their fellow employees or meet new friends.
  • Adventure If your employees crave exploration and exotic travel, PADI programs help open the underwater world for discovery.
  • Team Building Ocean Enterprises programs help build self-confidence through discovery. Teamwork is key to safe, enjoyable scuba diving and groups can work together, helping make diving an adventure for everyone.
  • Job Training Ocean Enterprises' relationship with PADI & Emergency First Response adds CPR and first aid training programs. Employees can complete Emergency First Response courses to fulfill company requirements or satisfy their personal safety needs.

How diving can benefit your company

New Recruit Benefit You can stand out from other companies with forward thinking offerings like SCUBA! This unique benefit can help you draw the best prospective employees possible. Employee Satisfaction Scuba diving can also be an attractive addition or your existing employees. By offering an activity as exciting and exotic as scuba diving, you'll make sure your benefits package is growing into new and inspiring areas. Convenience and Service Ocean Enterprises delivers all of the equipment and instructors to the pool so that your employees can simply show up with their bathing suits and begin their underwater adventure!

Emergency First Response - First Aid at Work Program

Picture this:

You and your staff are handling a hundred and one priorities, meeting deadlines, preparing reports and moving product. The pace is hectic. But then a thud from a nearby office stops everyone. You rush over to find a coworker on the floor. People are standing in the doorway but no one knows what to do. Stop right there! Now consider this scenario a bit differently. This time, you rush over and find one coworker already assessing the ill person. Another is activating EMS while a third is retrieving the nearest first aid kit and Automated External Defibrillator. What's the difference? A staff that knows what to do and how to manage a medical emergency. How do you move your staff from standing in the doorway to responding to a medical emergency? Simple Emergency FirstResponse. Using the latest CPR and first aid techniques, we'll train your employees and give them the confidence to respond to workplace medical emergencies. Because your staff's time is valuable, we'll also customize a training schedule to meet your company's needs. By enrolling your staff in the Emergency First Response First Aid at Work program you'll not only meet workplace safety guidelines, you'll give your staff the confidence to respond in an emergency.

What is The Emergency First Response First Aid at Work Program?

The Emergency First Response First Aid at Work Program is a CPR and first aid course with comprehensive instruction in Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid) brought to you by Emergency First Response Corp. The program's flexible design helps meet your company's workplace safety program requirements while following the same patient care protocols used by medical professionals.