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Blue Loop for Weight Belt

Blue Loop for Weight Belt


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Part Number:WB102 Manufacturer: J.B.L. ENTERPRISES INC

JBL Blue Loop for Weight Belt

The Men's belt offers firm support with no need to remove during a workout. The 375 belt brings comfort and performance with outstanding quality. It is guaranteed to give you years of support.

Make sure to measure around your bellybutton so you can find your waist size and NOT pants size. Most people choose 1-2 inches smaller than the measured size (when not lifting) because you want the belt really tight when lifting heavyweight.

  • Providing great support while offering a comfortable feel to wear during the entire WOD workout.
  • Compatible with all powerlifting & Olympic weightlifting movements, from heavy squats to Olympic clean and jerks.
  • Strong enough to support overhead press yet sleek enough to wear at work.
  • Can be used for strenuous activities on the job by providing great lower back support.


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