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Blue Loop for Weight Belt


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Part Number:WB102 Manufacturer: J.B.L. ENTERPRISES INC

Blue Loop for Weight Belt

The Men's  belt offers firm support with no need to remove during a workout. The 375 belt brings comfort and performance with outstanding quality. It is guaranteed to give you years of support. **Make sure to measure around your bellybutton so you can find your waist size and NOT pants size. Most people choose 1-2 inches smaller than the measured size (when not lifting) because you want the belt really tight when lifting heavy weight :-).

  • Providing great support while offering comfortable feel to wear during entire WOD workout.
  • Compatible with all powerlifting & Olympic weightlifting movements, from heavy squats to Olympic clean and jerks.
  • Strong enough to support overhead press yet sleek enough to wear at work.
  • Can be used for strenuous activities on the job by providing great lower back support.

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