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JBL Socks 3mm

JBL Socks 3mm


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Part Number:NB3004 Manufacturer: J.B.L. ENTERPRISES INC SIZE:

JBL Socks 3mm Small - Size 6 - 7

Say no to blisters and abrasive fin foot pockets forever thanks to the JBL dive sock.  We designed these asymmetrical socks to perfectly contour the foot.  They provide a soft, cushioned buffer between the foot and dive fin for all-day use.  The soles feature a rubberized traction pattern for increased durability and grip.  This means the maximum transfer of energy from each fin kick.  They feature 3mm neoprene construction with Super Stretch nylon panels for enhanced flexibility in areas you need it most.  It is due to this blend of materials that make these socks the perfect combination of warmth, fit, and flexibility. 



LARGE 10/11

XLARGE 12/13

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