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The performance, comfort, and light design of the X-stream are the incredible result of 60 intense years in the service of diving.

X-stream is truly a leap into the future that forever changes our idea of how to create a fin. More than 2 years of resources, experiments, tests, and 4 Mares patents, all concentrated in a single product.

• New foot pocket. No parachute effect

• New generation extra OPB

• New blade construction for less turbulence

Fins are among the most significant, not to say indispensable, products of diving.

Mares continues to perfect them with passion and innovation for over 60 years.

The X-streams represent the culmination of these 60 years of research and development.

Channel Thrust, OPB, Tri-material construction, ABS buckles, and the new perforated shoes that eliminate the parachute effect.

When fins, water flows between the sides of the shoe and the shoe, where it tends to accumulate because it does not find a way out.

This causes friction which reduces the effectiveness of the propulsion thrust.

The numerous holes in the foot pocket of the X-stream allow water to escape, practically eliminating this loss of energy at the root. In addition, the material is very soft and comfortable, with an X-shaped reinforced area at the top to ensure that the movement power of the leg is transmitted to the fin and from this to the water.

As a result, the liner is lighter and more comfortable, without ceasing to be highly efficient.

X-stream is a superior fin that effectively combines performance and lightness.

The feeling of comfort that it transmits to the diver is truly unbeatable.

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