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Part Number:TC-04 Manufacturer: ROUNDWELL ENTERPRISES


This new combination dive light is extremely versatile, 150' (45 meters) rated, powered by 3AA Battery (not included) combination strobe/flashlight. Strobe and flashlight each have separate battery compartments (1 AA strobe, 2AA flashlight) Burn time is 6 hours for strobe and 2 hours for a flashlight. So combined the need to see in dark places with a safety strobe for emergency use or as a night diver locator light, whatever your need this unique light will fit the bill. The light body is made from durable non-corrosive plastic and has a side slot for strap or lanyard attachment.


  • Strobe/Flashlight Combo
  • Depth Rating: 150' (45 meters)
  • Power: 3-AA Batteries (not included)
  • One Battery Strobe
  • Two Batteries Flashlight
  • Burn Time:
    Strobe: 6-Hours
    Flashlight: 2-Hours
  • Separate Battery Compartments
  • Great Multipurpose Light System
  • Durable Non-Corrosive Plastic Body
  • Side Slot for Strap or Lanyard Attachment

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