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SCUBAPRO Spectra Mini Masks

SCUBAPRO Spectra Mini Masks


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Part Number:24.851.130 Manufacturer: SCUBAPRO COLOR:

SCUBAPRO Spectra Mini - Black/Silver - Black Skirt

The Scubapro Spectra Mini Dive Mask is a smaller version of the popular Scubapro diving mask Spectra, so a Scubapro mask for slim faces, or a Scubapro diving mask for children.

Even if appearances are not important, you must admit that the Scubapro mask Spectra Mini charms you by its appearance. The fancy frame of the Scubapro Dive Mask Spectra Mini Diving Mask gleams with young and fresh colors, some with metallic shimmer, and simply unique. But as always with Scubapro - it is the inner values that convince, as the Scubapro Spectra Mini diving mask is of high quality and very robust.

The Scubapro Spectra Mini Diving Mask has a very solid frame and a sturdy mask skirt made of high-quality silicone and with a nice and small volume.

The lenses of the Spectra Mini diving mask are of course made of safe tempered glass (safety glass) to they withstand even great pressure. Small cut but placed close to the eye, the lenses provide a generous field of vision for the Scubapro Spectra Mini Mask, making the Spectra Mini also a perfect snorkeling mask.

The Spectra Mini diving mask has a slim and comfortable fit thanks to the very soft sealing lip of the mask skirt. The Scubapro Scuba Mask Spectra Mini is suitable as a diving mask for children or women and for all divers and snorkelers with a slim face due to the narrow mask skirt.

The wide silicone mask strap ensures a secure hold of the Spectra Mini diving mask. The buckles of the Scubapro Spectra Mini Dive Mask are pivotable to fit any head size and are easily adjustable.

Spare parts for the Scubapro diving mask Spectra Mini, as well as spare mask straps and other accessories, can also be found in our online shop.

And for those who do not like it so colorful - the Spectra Mini diving mask can be also found in our online dive shop in plain and elegant black!

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