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MK25 EVO/G260

MK25 EVO/G260


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Part Number:12.252.010 Manufacturer: SCUBAPRO


This Scubapro regulator combines the high performance balanced piston MK25 first stage with the retro styling of the new G260 balanced second stage. The MK25 is Scubapro's flagship first stage that uses an extremely high performing balanced piston design to offer very fast responsiveness and an incredible flow rate regardless of the depth of cylinder pressure.

The MK25 isn't environmentally sealed so to increase the cold resistance the first stage incorporates a combination of special anti-freeze coatings, sleeves around the piston, and heat exchanger fins on the body to dissipate the cold into the surrounding water. Five low-pressure ports are provided on a swiveling low-pressure turret that offers optimal hose routing and two high-pressure ports are provided on the main body.


Scubapro MK25 EVO/G260 Regulator

High Performance, Reliable Scubapro Technology, and Value

Superior Ultra-High Airflow System, Maximum Performance in All-Temperatures & Conditions

Weight: 38.8oz (1,100g)

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