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MK25 EVO DIN 300/S620Ti

MK25 EVO DIN 300/S620Ti


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Part Number:12.620.300 Manufacturer: SCUBAPRO


SCUBAPRO combines its premium high-performance MK25 EVO first stage with its latest high-performance S620 Ti second stage to create a winning all-purpose, all-weather regulator system. The MK25 EVO offers excellent resistance to freezing, superb inhalation sensitivity, and instant delivery of air on demand. The S620 Ti embraces the best features of SCUBAPRO's renowned S600 in an upgraded, state-of-the-art design. Smaller and lighter than the S600 but using the same-sized diaphragm, the S620 Ti delivers effortless airflow under all dive conditions. The full titanium inlet tube is ultralight, the large purge button improves water circulation and the re-engineered exhaust tee assists in reducing work of breathing.


Air-balanced flow-through piston in a chrome-plated brass body provides constant and effortless airflow unaffected by depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate.

Patented XTIS (Extended Thermal Insulating System) thermally insulates the inner mechanism from the environment, improving cold-water resistance and delaying ice formation in extreme cold-water conditions without compromising breathing performance.

Anti-freeze protection radically increases breathing reliability when diving in the most extreme water temperatures.

Two opposing high-pressure ports allow the first stage to be positioned either up or down.

Four high-flow and one axial super high-flow low-pressure ports on a swivel turret maximize hose routing options.

External intermediate pressure adjustment enables technicians to fine-tune performance quickly and easily.

An air-balanced second stage valve smooths out the inhalation effort at varying depths and supply pressures.

The second stage’s rugged reinforced technopolymer case and front cover with stainless steel frame look good plus is able to withstand years of aggressive diving.

Full titanium barrel is rugged, anti-corrosion, and lightweight for long-term reliability.

Large-diaphragm fits inside a more compact second stage casing for maximum breathing sensitivity.

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