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Part Number:10.708.000 Manufacturer: SCUBAPRO Color: N/A, N/A Size: N/A


Fed up of lugging around heavy and bulky dive regulators? Then the Scubapro MK11 will be the perfect first stage for you. The MK11 has a chrome-plated brass body, this is specifically designed to reduce its weight and size to make it a perfect travel companion without reducing its reliability or performance.

The layout of the ports make it easy for you to achieve maximum comfort, there are two opposite high-pressure ports pointing up and down. This allows you to position the gauges on either side of your body while increasing movement for the head and neck. There are four low-pressure ports, two of which are high flow. The high flow ports deliver around 15% more air than conventional ports.

This first stage also features externally adjustable intermediate pressure. This allows authorized Scubapro service technicians to quickly fine-tune or make adjustments after maintenance without the need to disassemble the first stage.


Air balanced diaphragm design delivers constant and effortless airflow which is completely unaffected by your depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate.

The lightweight, marine-grade brass body has sealed internal parts to prevent water and pollutants from affecting the inner mechanism while enhancing its cold-water performance.

Two high pressure, two low pressure, and two high-flow ports to provide you maximum flexibility with your hose routing.

External intermediate pressure adjustment enables technicians to fine-tune performance quickly and easily.

Available in 3364psi/232bar INT configuration

Airflow at 2900psi/200bar: 5500l/min – 195 SCFM

Intermediate pressure: 130-142psi/9.0-9.8bar

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