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A dry suit is your year-round ticket to extremely cool adventure. Whether you want to explore a historic wreck in a nearby lake, venture through magnificent kelp forests, or cruise through incredibly clear water under polar ice - dry suit diving opens new doors to extreme adventure. More dive sites, different marine life, longer dives, and in many areas, a longer dive season are just a few of the possibilities that await when you dive dry.

PADI's Dry Suit Diver DVD along with the Diver Manual and a PADI Professional is all you need to get the basic knowledge and experience required for dry suit diving. In a few dives, you'll quickly master dry suit dive skills including, procedures and techniques for handling and avoiding potential problems, buoyancy control with a dry suit, and drysuit maintenance and repair. Becoming a dry suit diver allows you to expand your boundaries and dive more places, more often. This suit seals you off from the water and keeps you comfortable, even in surprisingly cold water.

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