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Arc SubFrame Mask, Clear

Arc SubFrame Mask, Clear


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Part Number:04-0220-00 Manufacturer: ATOMIC AQUATICS INC. Color: CLEAR, N/A Size: N/A

ATOMIC AQUATICS Arc SubFrame Mask, Clear

Atomic Aquatics developed ARC (Anti-Reflective Coating) technology to reduce reflected light and actually increase the amount of available light transmitted to a diver’s eyes. The result is a greatly improved transmission of 98% of available light, compared to a loss of more than 14% of light with standard green “float” glass used on the majority of masks on the market.

  • Atomic Aquatics Sub-Frame Anti-Reflective Coating Mask:
  • Sub-Frame Two-Windowed Mask
  • Low Volume Design
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • Extremely Durable and Strong Construction, 316-Grade Stainless Steel Sub-Frame
  • Clearer, crisper vision. You will see more clearly underwater and objects in the distance will become more defined and acute.
  • Increased contrast and clarity.
  • Reduces eyestrain, glare, and prevents ghost images on the viewing area of the lens.
  • An absolute must for night diving, limited visibility conditions, and underwater photographers.

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