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Part Number:RS142111 Manufacturer: AQUALUNG Color: N/A, N/A Size: N/A


A combination of high-performance breathing with the benefits of a low-profile body. The ABS Octopus also has a unique 120-degree angle between the hose and mouthpiece, so it works in right- or left-hand positions without kinks in the hose or the need to put the mouthpiece in upside down.


  • Streamlined: Innovative, low-profile design minimizes drag
  • Ideal for Sharing: Unique 120-degree angle between hose and mouthpiece is ideal for sharing air with your buddy
  • Yellow Purge Cover: High-viz yellow purge cover and accent pieces
  • Octo Hose: 39”/99cm yellow hose for high visibility in case of emergency. Easily distinguishable from your primary hose.
  • Above and Beyond: Exceeds CE breathing requirements for regulators.
  • Versatile: Functions properly when right side up or upside down.
  • Hassle-Free Mounting: Custom, quick-release mounting clip keeps the ABS properly located on your body at all times

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