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Part Number:BC1130102 Manufacturer: AQUALUNG Size:

AQUALUNG Outlaw Waistband Assembly, MD

The Aqualung Outlaw Waistband Assembly is under the BCs category and is available at our Dive Shop. For more info on this item of Dive Gear, please see below:

This is the Waistband component that forms part of the Aqualung Outlaw BC. See Measurements below to determine which Waistband will fit you best.

  • Back inflation BCD with an interchangeable bladder available in 12lbs & 25lbs lift capacities
  • Back to basics – No pockets, no steel D-rings, no un-necessary backpacks
  • Most travel-friendly BCD on the market – With easy-to- disconnect shoulders and waists and an overall weight less than 4lb/1.8kg
  • Interchangeable shoulder & waist strap components
  • GripLock™ tank band – Patent-pending Finger-Saver feature and macro presets create an easy and safe solution for securing a cylinder to a BC
  • A bladder retraction system pulls in the sides of the bladder during deflation keeping the unit streamlined and reducing drag
  • Adjustable chest strap for personalized comfort
  • Features 4 webbed D-rings for streamlined accessory attachment
  • The lower right pull dump provides an additional dumping option


Diving BCs:

Diving BCs are the most important pieces of diving equipment for the comfort and balance of the diver.

However, in South Africa, we seem to be more attracted to the big and bulky BCs that tend to hamper the divers as opposed to giving us the feeling of flying.

A good BC is a BC that is low Drag and Low Volume with a tough denier material. Unfortunately, the prettier the BC, the less likely those pretty accents will look good in 5 years.


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