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Part Number:USFINBOX Manufacturer: SCUBAJET


SCUBAJET is a new underwater scooter for propelling your person while diving. You can also attach the water jet to small watercraft, such as a stand-up paddleboard, canoe, or kayak. No word yet on whether or now it's compatible with the Inflat-a-Bull, but the Austrian company developing the SCUBAJET will begin shipping them in August, so you could be the first to find out.

We've seen these types of jet propulsion systems for subsurface good times before in the Underwater Jetpack and the BladeFish personal water jet, but the Jetpack is designed exclusively for swimming and diving (and costs twice as much) and the BladeFish peaks out at speeds of 3MPH.

Up to 3000w to speed up almost any water sports fun like SUP, canoes, dinghies, diving & snorkeling.

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