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Rocket II, Flex, Super, Metal buckle


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Part Number:621135 Manufacturer: AQUALUNG Color: BLK, N/A Size: SUPER

AQUALUNG Rocket II, Flex, Super, Metal buckle

  • One of the first vented rubber fins sold in North America and popular among military and professional divers.
  • All-rubber construction is compact and ultra-rugged for use in harsh environments.
  • Improved foot pocket with a quick-release buckle.
  • Available with either traditional fin straps and buckles or quick-release buckles.
  • Colors: Black. 
  • Imported from the USA.

Loved by traditionalists, the Rocket sports a classic vented blade that many divers still swear by. The classic all-rubber design is nearly indestructible and available in a standard version and one with an updated foot pocket Show 

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