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Part Number:SU491115 Manufacturer: OMER Size: 6

OMER Red Stone Pants 7mm Size 6

The Redstone suit is a combination of in focus and out of focus patterns along with the various shades of red fading to black make the pattern work in various environments. The red colors of the Redstone patter disappear after 20ft making the suit highly adaptable to its environment. The Redstone also uses a new high stretch neoprene and fabric making it the stretchiest suit in our lineup. The high degree of stretch not only improves a diver's comfort but also allows the Redstone to fit a wide range of body types. 

Product Description:

Omer Red Stone Pants 7 mm comes separated from the jacket in the event you want to combine it with another piece. It is an excellent choice for the practice of spearfishing in cold waters, thanks to the thickness of 7 mm that gives you the best thermal protection, flexibility, comfort, and freedom of movement.

These neoprene pants have been designed with double fabric. On the inside, we find open cells or micro-porous fabric of the best quality that guarantees a great softness to contact with the skin, is flexible, and adheres to the diver’s body without feeling too tight. On the outside, it has elastic nylon fabric that facilitates movements and increases comfort.

It incorporates reinforcements in the knees which provides greater durability. These neoprene diving pants come with rubber trim on the high waist and ankles to prevent the entry of water. The camouflaged design makes you go unnoticed among the fish.

The red version of the ´´Stone´´ series. Red is the first color in the spectrum to disappear during descend

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