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Part Number:SU488113 Manufacturer: OMER Size: 4

OMER Red Stone Jacket 7mm Size 4

Omer Red Stone Jacket 7 mm Size 4  has been designed to give you maximum protection in very cold waters since it offers a warm feeling, comfort, freedom of movement, and the camouflage design makes it ideal for spearfishing.

This neoprene jacket is made with open cells inside which makes it very soft, flexible, and adheres to the body, providing greater thermal insulation. On the outside, it is designed with elastic nylon fabric that increases freedom of movements.

It has a load reinforced on the chest and an elastic trim on the cuffs and the face to close all entry of water. Besides, this camouflage jacket for spearfishing comes with a hood that softness and compensates the empty in the ears and brings double clip closure on the tail.

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