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Part Number:384312 Manufacturer: AQUALUNG Color: BLK/CHAR/BLU, N/A Size: MD


The Aqua Lung Pro BCD is a wrap-around jacket style BC that gives you plenty of customization so your dive setup can be best arranged to suit your needs. Achieve peak buoyancy with the greatest efficiency wearing the aqualung pro-wrap-around jacket style air cell. The Pro is a wrap-around jacket packed with tons of features such as large, easy-to-access utility pockets, scooped octo-pocket for easy octo storage, 3 D-rings to handle all of your accessories, and flat valves to reduce drag. Two large utility pockets provide ample room for dive slates, dive lights, training cards, reels, and more dive accessories. Clip even more accessories to the stainless steel D-ring, and two additional plastic D-rings. These D-rings provide stable tie-down points for all of your dive accessories. To keep you streamlined underwater.

  • Wrap Around Jacket Style Buoyancy Compensator
  • Front Adjustable Torso for Variations of Fit
  • Ruggedly Constructed for Great Durability
  • Proprietary Backpack Has a Built-in Carrying Handle
  • Technologically Advanced ResisteK Material Resists Fading and Abrasion

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