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Mikron Octopus


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Part Number:RS125111 Manufacturer: AQUALUNG Color: N/A, N/A Size: N/A

AQUALUNG Mikron Octopus

Aqualung is synonymous with the modern scuba regulator. Over 70 years of innovation have gone into making scuba regulators that are safer and easier to use than others on the market. An Aqua Lung scuba regulator offers you comfort, ease of breathing, control, and peak performance. Aqua Lung and the scuba regulator share a rich history and now is your chance to play a part.

Choose the right scuba regulator to ensure your next dive is comfortable and safe. Aqua Lung has developed diving regulators built for new and experienced divers, as well as for a range of diving conditions. Since 1943, Aqua Lung has been an expert in scuba regulators. Now you can carry on the spirit of that first dive with an Aqua Lung dive regulator that will perfectly suit your diving needs.

Whether you own a Mikron regulator or not, this travel-friendly octopus is the one you want to take on your next dive trip. Pneumatically-balanced octopus is ideally suited for over-balanced first stages. An inhalation effort adjustment knob allows you to desensitize the unit while it is stowed for the dive preventing unwanted free flow. High visibility 39" (99cm) braided, yellow hose and high visibility yellow cover makes it easy to locate in an emergency. Regulator ha a silicone mouthpiece with ergonomic bitewings and weighs 5.11 oz. (145 g). Compatible with up to 40% O2 right out of the box.


  • Pneumatically Balanced Design
  • Delivers Gas at Constant Pressure
  • Easy Work-of-Breathing
  • Breathing Effortless Independent of Depth or Tank Pressure

    Adjustment Knob:
  • Optimize Opening Effort
    Mini Position, Opening Effort Increased, Ideal for Avoiding Free Flows
    Maxi Position, Inhalation Effort Lowered, Reducing Work of Breathing
  • Easy to ID in Emergency: High Visibility Yellow Hose and Cover
  • Hose Length: 39" (99cm)
  • Nitrox Ready Up to 40% O2 Out-of-the-Box

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