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SCUBAPRO Level Quick Cinch w/Balanced Inflator

SCUBAPRO Level Quick Cinch w/Balanced Inflator


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Part Number:21.721.100 Manufacturer: SCUBAPRO Size:

SCUBAPRO Level Quick Cinch BC/BCD w/Balanced Inflator, XS

This is the Scubapro Level Quick Cinch BC/BCD with Balanced Power Inflator.

The new Level front-adjustable BC with its innovative Quick-RCA bottle strap incorporates the best performance and comfort features you could wish for on a recreational dive. The BC is lightweight and extremely robust - the air chamber is made of strong EndurTex 420 nylon - but where the Level really excels is comfort. The shoulder straps with convenient pivoting buckles, crotch strap, and adjustable belly strap allow you to adjust the BC to fit your body - for a perfect fit. The air chamber sits comfortably around your body and does not press anywhere. The backpack, together with the Quick Cinch bottle strap, holds the bottle rock solid in place for maximum stability. You can easily place the weights in the integrated weight system and cast off is even easier thanks to the 40mm wide flat buckles. The BC also has two large pockets, one of which has metal eyelets for a knife, four D-rings for carrying additional equipment, and two octo pockets for safely tucking the octopus hoses and console.

  • The air chamber of strong EndurTex 420 nylon is lightweight and at the same time very durable.
  • The air chamber fits comfortably around your body without pressing anywhere.
  • Shoulder straps with handy rotatable buckles, a crotch strap, and an extra-long belly strap provide ample opportunity to adjust the BC to perfection.
  • The Super Cinch bottle strap is easy to use and provides maximum stability underwater.
  • Each weight compartment with quick-release fastener and secure 40 mm wide flat buckles has room for 5 kg of lead.
  • NEW is the optional weight pockets on the back that keep you well balanced in the water.
  • The two large pockets with Velcro fasteners have plenty of space to carry accessories - one pocket has metal eyelets for a knife.
  • You can attach additional materials to the four stainless steel D-rings, three of which are pre-bent.
  • The two octo pockets allow you to safely tuck the octopus hose and console away.
  • With Balanced Power Inflator.

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