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HP Twin Port Adapter

HP Twin Port Adapter


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Part Number:RA114113 Manufacturer: APEKS

APEKS HP Twin Port Adapter

The Apeks HP Twin Port adapter allows you to use both a submersible pressure gauge and a transmitter from a first stage that only has a single high-pressure port. 

The twin-port adapter also has the added benefit of allowing the transmitter to rotate 360 degrees, which prevents the transmitter from being damaged if a cylinder was to fall over.

The Apeks HP twin-port adapter utilizes a standard 7/16” thread and is suitable for use on all manufacturer's first stages.

Allows you to use both an SPG and an HP transmitter with a single HP port.
360-degree swivel allows the transmitter to move, reducing the chances of breakage and snagging.
7/16” UNF HP thread is compatible with all 1st stages.
Made from chrome-plated brass.
Manufactured in the UK

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