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Part Number:621205 Manufacturer: APEKS Color: WHITE Size: SUPER


Apeks RK3 WhiteMASK FINS SNORKELS, FINS are incredibly durable and provide easy yet powerful finning.

Apeks White RK3MASK FINS SNORKELS, FINS, designed to provide maximum thrust with all fin strokes.

Apeks RK3MASK FINS SNORKELS, FINS are molded from a single piece of thermoplastic rubber which is highly durable as well as providing excellent 'snap' at the end of a fin stroke. The vented blade design means less resistance on the up-stroke but increased thrust on the downstroke meaning more finning power for less effort. White RK3MASK FINS SNORKELS, FINS are fitted with stainless steel spring straps which makes donning and doffing the mask FINS SNORKELS, FINS very easy, they are also much harder wearing than traditional rubber straps and automatically adjust to the correct size.


  • The new striking white colorway
  • Single piece thermoplastic rubber construction
  • Fitted with stainless steel spring straps
  • Short wide blade provides excellent thrust with all fin strokes

A note on sizing

Large Rk3MASK FINS SNORKELS, FINS are suitable for a size 9 foot in a wetsuit boot, those with smaller feet and drysuit boots may also fit this size. Size 8 and above in a drysuit boot should go for Super. Size 12 feet with bulky rock boots will struggle to fit a Super.

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