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The Omni is an enveloping stabilization vest designed for divers looking for a model they can fully customize and match their style and morphology. Taking advantage of the ModLock technology popularized on our Rogue and Outlaw vests, the Omni allows you to choose from 3 universal components: for your back, shoulders, and waist, with dozens of possible combinations. Continue your personalization by choosing from our various accessories and our 6 color kits. The Omni is the ideal model for a perfect fit and an infinite number of configurations.

  • Medlock connectors allow you to create dozens of different size configurations by swapping various backplates, shoulder straps, and lap straps.
  • They are clipped to the waistcoat and can easily be unlocked using a small tool such as a key or a pen.
  • Six different color kits are available for the following items: back reinforcement, reusable mesh bag, Surelock ™ II ballast pockets, Octopus pocket, console holder, inflator clip, zipper pulls, and chest strap buckle.
  • Customizable wraparound vest with the most popular elements: zipped pockets, stainless steel D rings, attachment for Octopus & attachment point for a knife.
  • GripLock ™ bottle strap: its finger protection function (Finger-Saver) under patenting and its macro-settings offer a safe and easy solution for attaching a bottle to the vest.
  • Patented, the SureLock II ™ ballast release system facilitates the insertion of lead bags. A "click" indicates that your ballast is properly inserted in your vest. Once attached, the ballast can be released by firmly pulling on the handle of each pocket.
  • Offering 3 positions, a new envelope retraction system pulls the side parts inward during deflation for increased hydrodynamics.
  • Adjustable chest strap for tailored comfort.
  • 4 stainless steel D rings for easy attachment of accessories
  • High and low rapid purges on the right.

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